The End of Summer

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Betsy S. Kimball, Editor-in-Chief,  Kenya 2017

by Betsy S. Kimball

As I write this, it is mid-August, a classic weekend “dog day” – the Giants are playing bad baseball, and I have just returned from a short trip to Nigeria (my first). A number of our colleagues here in Sacramento have proud Nigerian ancestry – Judge Bunmi Awoniyi and Maureen Onyeagbako to name just two. I attended the 5th International Pan-African Peace Conference on Restorative and Community Justice, a program co-sponsored by the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution at Sac State. On these trips (every three years), there are also meetings with government officials and with people working in conflict resolution. I always learn a lot about the historic and current conflicts in the host country, and I always come away impressed by the people who devote themselves to ending conflict or repairing the oft-unspeakable damage it causes.

After Charlottesville, I decided to delete what I had written here about the phenomenon of being a foreign white person in sub-Saharan Africa. For now I will say that I always welcome and gain from those experiences. They leave me full of respect for others and for their culture(s), but also with an ache in my heart that hate of “the other” is growing so pervasive in our own country.

At the risk of an awkward segue: this issue contains an article written by a participant in the SCBA-supported Summer Diversity Fellowship Program, Joann Horta-Baez. One of the fun things about being Editor is giving law students the chance to write/publish here.

Personal congratulations to Kevin Culhane on his selection as the SCBA’s Judge of the Year. He and I go way back to the late 1980s, when I joined the former Hansen Boyd Culhane & Watson firm and spent the next ± 13 years working with him. It was a collaboration that I cherish in certain ways. Lawyer Culhane was the most brilliant conceptual thinker I have worked with – and (you’ve noticed) I love to write. Often, I got to execute Kevin’s ideas and insights. Good fun.

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