Russell Austin The SCBA’s 2017 Distinguished Attorney

  by  J. Scott Alexander The SCBA has selected Russell J. Austin as its 2017 Distinguished Attorney of the Year. A third-generation native Californian, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Russell J. Austin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history at UC Santa Barbara. In his senior year, he pursued a year-long... Continue Reading →

SCBA’s 2017 Judge of the Year Kevin R. Culhane

Wealth of Knowledge, Integrity, and Problem-Solving Skills by Art Scotland by Art Scotland Superlatives flow when lawyers describe Presiding Judge Kevin Culhane. “In terms of sheer intellect, he is one of the sharpest legal minds you will ever encounter,” said Dan Kohls. “I have never worked with a more brilliant lawyer,” said Betsy Kimball. “Extremely... Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court Year in Review 2016-2017 Term

by  Joann Horta-Baez For its first annual program, “United States Supreme Court Year in Review,” UC Davis School of Law invited a distinguished panel of experts on the Court to discuss its major decisions during the 2016-2017 term. The panel included UC Davis Law faculty, Dean Kevin R. Johnson, Professor Carlton F. W. Larson, and... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on the Future of Legal Education: Why Diversity and Student Wellness Should Matter in a Time of “Crisis”

Editor’s Note: This article summarizes Kevin R. Johnson, Some Thoughts on the Future of Legal Education:  Why Diversity and Student Wellness Should Matter in a Time of Economic “Crisis,” 65 Buffalo Law Review 255 (2017). by Kevin R. Johnson Legal education has been besieged by critics proclaiming that the challenges of law school economics have reached... Continue Reading →

SABA of Sacramento Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

by Hiren Patel and Vishali Singal On June 29, 2017, the South Asian Bar Association (SABA) of Sacramento celebrated its Tenth Anniversary with a reception at the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District. The reception highlighted SABA’s work over the past decade to ensure legal representation for the South-Asian community and other minority groups in... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Pro Bono Case

  by Vicki Jacobs “Betty” age 62, has called several agencies looking for help in raising two of her grandchildren who were left with her last month while her daughter, “Melanie,” left town for the weekend.  Much like before, Melanie disappeared without a trace and has not called to check on her children. Betty is increasingly... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note

The following three articles ( The Future Is Now – Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice, Imagining a Role for Artificially Intelligent Juries, and From the Days of Orwellian Fears, to the Internet of All Things, and Now to AI…)share a theme – the potential and present effect of artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the practice of law. The... Continue Reading →

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